Q. Where is HATC located?
A. HATC is in on the edge of a small town called Iten in the Rift Valley. Iten is 32km Eldoret and 350 km North of Nairobi.

Q. How high is HATC in Iten?
A. The altitude of Iten is 2400 metre / 8000 ft above sealevel.

Q. How do I get to HATC?
A. From all over the World there are flights to Nairobi, the capital. From there you can fly to Eldoret which takes 45 minutes or you can take the bus which takes about 5 hours. Domestic flights can be booked with Kenya Airways.

Q. Is HATC only for professional athletes?
A. No, the HATC is open to people from recreational level up to Olympic level, for runners, mountain bikers and sports tourists.

Q. Can you arrange coaching schedules and training partners?
A. Yes, at a cost our coach can provide training schedules and local runners pace/guide you please email for deatils.

Q. What is the best time of the year to visit HATC?
A. HATC is open 365 all year. We do have a raining season which is normally in August / September but the last few years we haven't had a lot of rain. If it is raining it is normally at night and the next day it's perfect for training again.

Q. What temperature is it in Iten, very hot?
A. No, it's never very hot or cold due to the fact that the HATC is at 2400 metre above sea level and at the equator. The temperature is normally between 20 degrees and 28 degrees C.

Q. How can I make Reservations?
A. Please email with your request

Q. Can I get vegetarian food at HATC?
A. Yes, the cooks can make vegetarian meals.

Q. Is there malaria in Iten?
A. Normally not because of the altitude. However, when you travel or go on a safari there is always a risk so the best is to check with your doctor at home before you travel.

Q. Is there a doctor available in Iten?
A. Yes, there is a local hospital and we have good contacts with several hospitals in Eldoret.

Q. Is it safe for foreign people to stay in Iten?
A. Yes, Iten is a very safe place, we have never had any negative experience. The HATC is based next to the district police headquarters.

Q. How much does it cost to stay at the HATC?
A. This depends on how long you stay and on your individual wishes. The best is to contact us at for details.