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Great Start for Lornah in 2012

Lornah's last race was the Amsterdam marathon where she qualified for the 2012 Olympics. Since that race in October she just trained and didn't do any races. Right now she is building up her speed and last weekend she ran her first race in 2012, the Groet uit Schoorl 10 K in her home town Groet, Netherlands.
Lornah arrived the evening before the race in the Netherlands and the weather was pretty bad, snow and temperature below zero, a big contrast with Iten where it was 28° C.

The organisation of the race however worked very hard to make sure the course was not slippery. The 10K went through the town of Groet but also through the dunes where it looked more like a cross country.

Lornah started easy but after a few kilometers she picked up the pace and finished in 32:27, about one minute ahead of the second finisher. She was very happy with her time and she feels she is on the right way.

Immediately after the race she flew to Ireland to see her physio Gerard Hartmann for a check up and some treatment to prevent any future problems.