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Lornah Injured out of Olympic Marathon

Lornah ran last week the Olympic marathon and had to drop put with an injury after 28 K. She felt great during the first 18km and was in the leading group.

She had a great feeling and thought that she would have a good chance to end up in the top. However, after 18 K she felt pain in her right knee and had to slow down. After 28km the pain was too much and she dropped out of the race.

In the Olympic village they made an MRI scan and they found an acute tear in one of the ligaments of her right knee. She has since trained in the gym and yesterday she ran for the first time 20 minutes.

She is now waiting for a report from her sports Doctor Dr. Vergouwen to see what to do.

Her hope is that she can start training soon and still do one or two races this season.